Pakistani Doctor “Breaks a World Record”


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Dr. Naeem Taj is a renowned Laparoscopic Surgeon and he had successfully conducted a surgery of 107 years old women at Capital Hospital Islamabad breaking a world record of Dr. David D Dan of West Indies who operated a 92 year old patient.
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Irtiza Haider from Pakistan: World’s Youngest Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

This news was a bit old but unfortunately such a big news has not been projected well neither by the print nor the e-media. As soon as I read about it I thought to write as well as to spread the message across as not only the achievement is praiseworthy but also it gives me a really good feeling that despite the unrest and negativity grasping the nerves of Pakistani’s, in recent times we do have couple of good news to cheer for. The most talked about is Ali Moeen Nawazish setting up the world record by passing 23 subjects in the A-level exams, then is the young Sheikh Imran from Karachi designer of Xtravo Explorer, a explorer that is unique in it’s features. Thereafter is the invention of world’s largest processor in terms of silicon density by Dr.Shoaib Ahmed Khan the founder of “Enabling Technologies”.

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