“We will not go down in GAZA tonight”

A blinding flash of white light
Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight
People running for cover
Not knowing whether they’re dead or alive
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What’s Next: Let’s Bomb Quetta NY Times

We all have a concern about Quetta Shora ” by Robert Gates, US Defense Secretary. Do these words seems a bit familiar, or perhaps people of Pakistan are a bit use to it. The speculations of expanding the American covert war to one of the major city of Pakistan is so on the verge of decision that it has place it self in New York times. Yet again the policy of creating a hype about Taliban’s activity leading to picture a reason to bomb millions more is in a process. Why we are so voiceless ? On the fake slogan of “war on terror”, Pakistan is the one to suffer the most and everyday our own land and forces have been used to bomb our own people. Doesn’t it sound ironic to you? But this time the demand is more than a coalition partner, rather the plan is to kill the wounded sovereignty of Pakistan once and for all.
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People of Pakistan : A victim or a perpetrator of democracy

“Dil Dil Pakistan” these are the words which even today a 4 year old young boy sings loud in the streets of Pakistan. I have grown up listening to this song like million other youngsters . We take pride to talk about patriotism , we take pride in lauding how much we love our country.  On 14th August we celebrate our independence with utmost zest and zeal, ignoring the fact that this independace had been chained by the ignorance of it’s own people for over past 50 years.
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