A Doorway to Mysticsm

Laden with my load of misdeeds,
I move about in the garb of black garments.
And the people see me and call me a dervish.

(Baba Farid)

I am a human chained in the realm of this world. Who am I? Why I am here and what for ? These questions find their passage towards one’s heart at one point of time in life. The thirst to seek the truth drag one’s soul into the wilderness all alone. Some remain unanswered throughout their existence and some find their way to the shrines of Sufi Saint’s where logic and intellect bows down in front of divine ecstasy. -Read More>



Silence ( Photographed by Me )

Silence ( Photographed by Me )

In your hollow Eyes,
In your shallow dreams,
In your dripping tears,
Ah, silence
Swirling, twirling across your dying hopes
In your fading smile
Embracing your soul
Like  glistening lights of stars embraced the darkness of the night
Like Gushing winds embraced the dispersed leaves in autumn
Like Desires embraced by Despair
Like passion embraced by fate
Like Life embraced by death
Ah, Silence
What prevails is just Silence
….Can you hear the silence…….

Written on June, 4 2006