Our Morality, Our conscience & Our religion demands all Pakistani’s to act in this need of time

Thousand’s of our own brothers, our fellow citizen are fleeing from the areas of SWAT towards the internal areas of Pakistan as the fight between Pakistan Army and the militants continues . According to the news resources this human tide has reached a figure of 15,000,00 that includes women, children, disabled and sick. They are frightened, they are threatened and above all they are homeless

Credit: Top news | People of Swat travelling in the night

Credit: Top news | People of Swat travelling in the night

Credit : Reuters | Due to shortage of food supplies starvation is increasing

Credit : Reuters | Due to shortage of food supplies starvation is increasing

Pakistan is going through a worst crisis of it’s time. According to UN ” It the biggest internal displacement in Pakistan since Independence in 1947″ . ….. Read More


Amazing Pakistan: Radiant Textures … (Part- two)


This article is co-authored by Huneza Khan and Dua. I’m really thankful to them for joining hands in the effort of unveiling the true spirit of being a Pakistani characterized by the liveliness, the passion, the lifestyle, the glee and the zest that is clearly reflected by the architectural heritage and the geography of this pure land. The spirit that holds an energy that resonates in the atmosphere epitomized by the roads & streets of Pakistan. This article touch upon the three major cities trying to paint the vivid colors and the distinguishable textures of life and structures within each .


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Amazing Pakistan: A picture hidden from the World (Part-1)

In the recent times due to rendezvous between political forces and media, an ugliest picture about my country has been portrayed in front of the world, a picture that holds no color or I am not wrong to say “It’s all black just black”. I’m struggling to unveil the true picture that hold millions of colors, so bright and so shiny that can dazzle one’s eyes. If you are son of a soil, and you love your country as much as I do then you will help me fight against those who are painting your land as a black corner of this world. “Spread the truth as much as you can, fight for the right


Pakistan meaning the “The land of pure” where each day the sun rises with a new hope, with an enduring majesty as the rays of light flushing down towards the snowcapped peaks of Himalaya’s and Nanga Parbat. A land where love finds a meaning in the heart warming hospitability of people, a land where history and ancient civilization mystifies one’s heart, a land where spiritualism unveils its mystery at the shrines of Sufi Saints. This is the land I belong to, this is the land I’ll die for and this is the land that defines my identity.

The Invincible 167 Million : 6th largest Nation of the World

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Irtiza Haider from Pakistan: World’s Youngest Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

This news was a bit old but unfortunately such a big news has not been projected well neither by the print nor the e-media. As soon as I read about it I thought to write as well as to spread the message across as not only the achievement is praiseworthy but also it gives me a really good feeling that despite the unrest and negativity grasping the nerves of Pakistani’s, in recent times we do have couple of good news to cheer for. The most talked about is Ali Moeen Nawazish setting up the world record by passing 23 subjects in the A-level exams, then is the young Sheikh Imran from Karachi designer of Xtravo Explorer, a explorer that is unique in it’s features. Thereafter is the invention of world’s largest processor in terms of silicon density by Dr.Shoaib Ahmed Khan the founder of “Enabling Technologies”.

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