Being a hobbyist photographer I love to travel around, trying to freeze the moments in time as if I could return back to them whenever and wherever I want. The best thing about pictures is that they never grew old and opens up a window for us to look into the past. Inspired by Rohail Hyyat (A famous Pakistani music producer) composition ‘Reunion’ which is hauntingly beautiful because Zara Madini’s voice beautifully blends into the silence which takes your imagination to a whole new level , I decided to create a slideshow of few of my interesting clicks,

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Photography for me is all about capturing the experience that resides within a moment. I am no professional neither I take it as a profession; I just use it to express myself. It started a year back that I took it more seriously , as I always wanted to write but due to busy schedule I cannot keep up with it therefore as an alternative I found photography as a medium to feed my creative soul :)..

Why I made this page? Lot of people who are not on my friend lists have asked me to setup a page to share what I click though I completely admit that my photographic skills are just on an amateur level.

I would be happy to have your inputs and comments if you somehow enjoy my work.. Thank you for dropping by and hope to interact with you soon !! .