A good cup of tea really matters 🙂

To me the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the music the words make.
-(Truman Capote)

I am just another individual who is trying to picture his own world by following an intellectual definition of being a ” Human being”. If I look behind, I spend 24 years of my life in a struggle for excellence, a struggle to be ahead of time and ultimately I found out, the struggle is never ending.

As I look in the mirror I have so many things to cheer for, my family , few but sincere friends above all my accomplishments that I have achieved through all these years. Life is a teacher and I am just an ordinary student, trying to learn from the chapters of life which I guess are comprised of infinite words with infinite dimensions.  Besides being an engineer, throughout these years my love for art, poetry and music has never faded away. I have always believed that ” Art is the science of living”. I always had a dream to contribute something , that can  make this world a better place to be in…


14 thoughts on “About

  1. hi, nice website or excellent weblog, i see your link at facebook.
    i m very proud on being pakistani, and happy to see talented pakistani. keep on working, best wishes.

  2. Hayat Khan says:

    Hi brother,
    All i can say is keep up the good spirit and indeed Pakistan requires young generation like you.
    good job.

  3. Afsar Ali says:

    Hi Ahmed,

    I would like to thank you for such a wonderful Blog about Pakistan. I would say you did such a wonederful job. You touched my soul. Please brother keep it up. We need Personality like you not personality like our politician. GOD BLESS PAKISTAN.

  4. Dear Ahmed
    I was not accepting such blog on web, they say it is not the word with touches you, it is the feeling which travel, Heart to Heart and Mind to Mind, I am happy that we have People like you between us, we all are (Except our Political Leaders) are Patriotic Pakistanis, but Some time we don’t realize, and we need some one to remind us that we are from a great Country and we should respect our selves, you know, unless we respect our selves, No one will ever respect us.
    anyways, I own a travel agency in Karachi, we print Calendars every years, but this years I want to print this Calendar, with a Pakistani feeling, I want to share with my other Pakistanis that we are Not Depressed or Terrorist Pakistanis, we are a Great Nation with rich Culture and History, I cant write you a lot of details write here, I just want you to Help me to present “Pakistan” in this Calendar, Please advice me, how it should be, and also if any of your reader wants to advice me I will appreciate, you may Contact me at totaltravels97@yahoo.com, the main Purpose of my this email is to get advice from Pakistanis for my next calendar …….

  5. shehzaaday…

    bara wad.da ho gaya hay tu 🙂

    just found ur this page…..i was searchin for tribute to legends by abbas ali khan…

    keep it up.!

    all prayers r with ya..


    yaar chaye tou subah mian bhi pita hoon lakin dont know tu kis PATTI ki peeta hay hehehe

  6. fatima says:

    loved ur work. uv captured the soul of the scene in each ov your work. i also love photography . i use the usual simple camera but the results are not always that goood.. if u dont mind will you please tell me which camera you use?

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