The Movie Avatar (2009) with a “Message”

Watching “Avatar”, I fell short of words to appreciate the maker of this movie. James Cameron once again doing the magic, the magic that has spell-bounded millions throughout the world. Every moment, every second justifies the hard work that had been put through in the last 10 years to make this master piece. What should be wowed about ” Is it the story, the special effects, the action, the drama “, if you question me I would love to answer “What not?”.. I’m not a movie critic, nor I want to pen down the review of the film, but as an ordinary viewer the feeling that walked with me as I stepped out of the movie theater is the “message” James wants to convey to the masses. There are lots of things in the world,which we get fascinated with; we appreciate it, we love it but never truly able to get the essence behind it. “Avatar” is one such thing, the movie with all it’s excellence, the breathtaking sequences, the heart touching drama, the melancholy of love ; but the undertones of the dialogues shouting a bitter message. A message that relates with the nerve of the time we are living in, the message that must be heard by every human being, by every person that has a heart and a soul. The message that must be realized by every individual on this planet so that they can voice against what’s going wrong in the world today ;just like Jake, Dr Grace,Joel and Trudy. I believe after watching the film this very message keeps knocking on the door of your hearts , keeps on saying to you:

“No war can be won without solid moral grounds”

This message is a lesson from the history, but still in the current times we can easily relate United States of America playing the role of Colonel Miles Quaritch ( the chief of security on Pandora) who wants to wage war with all the ammunition, high tech planes, state of the art weaponry without any moral grounds. A character that is more interested in combat than resolution. Let me point out few of the dialogues from Colonel Miles, which can be easily be correlated with the past and the present times

” Every living thing wants to kill you and eat your eat your eyes for Jujubees”

Does it reminds you of with one of the 9/11 Bush speeches ? Can you recall such similar tones that had successfully created the “War Hysteria” for the past few years .. Can you?

Another dialogue by Colonel Miles asking Jake to gain the trust of Navie’s

” I want you to learn from the inside, I want you to gain their trust”

This dialogue would surely ring the bells of most of the Pakistani’s who can easily relate what I am pointing towards..Let me quote one more dialogue that strongly portrays James message in which Jakes revealing the whole philosophy behind the story as he came back to the Navies and said

” They (sky people) send us a message, they can take whatever they want, but we will send them a message that this, “This is our land..”

“They can take whatever they want”, still confused ? Still unable to relate James message to the ongoing massacre in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. I really want to mention here that there are not only people like “Colonel Miles”, within USA there are hundreds and thousands of people like Jake, Dr Grace,Joel and Trudy who accepts, realize and are fighting for the message that no war can be won without any solid moral grounds. This world needs peace, acceptance and respect for every human being regardless of which color, religion or race he or she belongs to. This is the need of the time ,We need to stand up for the truth, strive for the peace, promote the message of love just as strongly as James did by making such a gem of a movie.


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