Amazing Pakistan: A picture hidden from the World (Part-1)

In the recent times due to rendezvous between political forces and media, an ugliest picture about my country has been portrayed in front of the world, a picture that holds no color or I am not wrong to say “It’s all black just black”. I’m struggling to unveil the true picture that hold millions of colors, so bright and so shiny that can dazzle one’s eyes. If you are son of a soil, and you love your country as much as I do then you will help me fight against those who are painting your land as a black corner of this world. “Spread the truth as much as you can, fight for the right


Pakistan meaning the “The land of pure” where each day the sun rises with a new hope, with an enduring majesty as the rays of light flushing down towards the snowcapped peaks of Himalaya’s and Nanga Parbat. A land where love finds a meaning in the heart warming hospitability of people, a land where history and ancient civilization mystifies one’s heart, a land where spiritualism unveils its mystery at the shrines of Sufi Saints. This is the land I belong to, this is the land I’ll die for and this is the land that defines my identity.

The Invincible 167 Million : 6th largest Nation of the World


The invincible 167 million Pakistani’s progressing forward with  high hopes and a mission holding an unquenchable thirst to be the world leader’s soon. Despit the chaos, despite the ill spilled by the westeren media to demoralize the nation and to uproot the patriotism from the hearts and minds of people of this country, despite the foreign funded terrorists bombing hundreds of Pakistani’s each day painting the roads red with the blood of young children, women and men. Every drop of it shouts back loud ” You can never take us down, We’ll fight back till our last breath“. Reminding you this is the nation which has a 7th largest pool of scientists and Engineers in the World[1]. and the country that is ranked 9th in the world where English language is spoken and used as an official language [1].

Pakistan: World's 9th Largest English Speaking Country |  Photo by Sultan Dogar: Abbotabad Medical College

Pakistan: World's 9th Largest English Speaking Country | Photo by Sultan Dogar: Abbotabad Medical College

Pakistan: World 7th largest Pool of Scientists and Engineer | Photo : Moin Ali Nawazish making a World Record by passing 23 A level Exams

Pakistan: World 7th largest Pool of Scientists and Engineer | Photo : Moin Ali Nawazish making a World Record by passing 23 A level Exams

On May 28, 1998, Pakistan became the 7th nuclear power of the world giving a loud and clear message to the enemies that this nation is fully equipped and ready to defend it’s sovereignty. Pakistan has world 7th largest standing arm forces [1] well trained possessing state of the art technology.  Pakistan Air force (PAF) is the symbol of pride for the nation and a galaxy of highly trained professionals emerged in latest technological developments. The highly skilled PAF personals are renowned for their excellence and handling of aircraft and surely are the worst fear for the enemies.

Pakistan: 7th largest Standing Arm Force in the World

Pakistan: 7th largest Standing Arm Force in the World

Air force :Air Commodore MM ALAM has a world record of shoting down 5 Indian planes in less than a Minute

Air force :Air Commodore MM ALAM has a world record of shoting down 5 Indian planes in less than a Minute

Pakistan : The Roof Top of the World

Pakistan the land of grand mountain ranges, a land that holds 4 out of 14 most highest peaks in the world. K2 the second highest mountain in the world with all it’s grandeur symbolizing the pride and strength of the people of Pakistan.


Pakistan: K2 the 2nd highest mountain peak in the World

Pakistan: K2 the 2nd highest mountain peak in the World

Hunza is said to be a place ” Where Time Stops and Fairy Treads“, Kalash and Chitral are the natural wonders of the world where poetic verses find their inspirations from the beauty and elegance of high peak mountains, lush green fields and the fragrant breeze singing across the poplar trees. Some of the places which are not highlighted by the media but still due to their magnitude find their places on the World record books are ; Aisa’s Highest Railway Station Kan Mehtarzai [2] that is located 2240 meters above sea level near Quetta.

Pakistan: Asia's Highest Railway Station

Pakistan: Asia's Highest Railway Station "Kan Mehtarzai "

Pakistan: Lalazar often termed as most beautiful place on earth

Pakistan: Lalazar often termed as most beautiful place on earth

Pakistan: Nanga Parbat 9th Highest Peak in the World

Pakistan: Nanga Parbat 9th Highest Peak in the World

What it would feel like to play a sport that is wild, challenging and manly at the top of the world surrounded by the drumbeats and the music of the reed instrument. Yes Shandur Polo tournament is played every year at World’s highest Polo ground at Shandur, Northern Pakistan.

Pakistan: Shundur Polo festival at the World's highest Polo ground

Pakistan: Shundur Polo festival at the World's highest Polo ground

Karakoram Highway : Eighth Wonder of the World

Karakoram Highway runs through the northern areas connecting Pakistan with China’s Xingjiang province is often described as ” Eighth Wonder of the World” due to the marvel of civil engineering as it has taken 15 years to complete by the Pakistan Army Engineers in collaboration with China. It’s been labeled as “ World’s highest paved international Roadunder world’s toughest terrain.


Pakistan: Karakoram Highway World's highest paved international Road

World’s Largest Deep Sea Port : Gwader

“Gwa” means Air and “Dar” means door, and the word Gawadar means ” The door of the wind” is the world’s largest deep sea port lies in southwestern Pakistani province of Balochistan. The design and construction of the port is carried out in collaboration with China and it has just started it’s operation.It’s going to emerge as a world’s biggest skyline due to it’s capacity and infrastructure of handling bulk carriers. It has been declared as a Duty Free Port and Free Economic Zone by the Pakistani government that has increased the commercial worth manifolds. It has an immense geostrategic importance as it is the entrance to the Persian Gulf and is considered to be a substitute of Dubai Port.

Gawader: World's Largest Deep Sea Port

Gawader: World's Largest Deep Sea Port

Khewra Mines : Second Largest Salt Mine in the World

Khewra Salt Mine located in Khewra, Jehlum Punjab, Pakistan is the second largest Salt Mine in the world and is considered to be the oldest in the subcontinent. It was said that discovery of Salt mines were not done by Alexander or his army but by their horses as they started licking the stones when they stopped here for rest. Thousand of visitors each year visit Khewra Salt mines and get fascinated by the nature’s miracle in the heart of mountains.

Khewra Salt Mine: Second Largest Salt Mine in the World

Khewra Salt Mine: Second Largest Salt Mine in the World

Haleji Lake : Asia’s largest Bird Sanctuary

Pakistan is a land of serene beauty , a country with diverse wild life , fresh water lakes, a 1046 km coast lines. Some of the most unique species of birds are found in northern Pakistan with awe-inspiring natural wonders like Lake Saiful Maluk, Lake Shandur, Dudipatsar Lake, kutwal lake, Zalzal lake and many more. But Haleji has it’s own significance as it is Asia’s largest waterfowl reserve. During winter thousands of birds of different species fly down to Haleji from Siberian colder areas

Pakistan: Fairy land Shandur Lake

Pakistan: The heavenly Shandur Lake

Thar Desert : One amongst the largest deserts in the World

Thar is a arid region in the north western part of Indian subcontinent, it lies mostly in Indian state of Rajasthan but it covers eastern Sindh province and the southeastern portion of Pakistan’s Punjab province. It is amongst one of the largest deserts in the world rich multifaceted culture, heritage, traditions, folk tales, dances and music. The poetic expression of Kafi written by Sufi poets of Sindh resonates in the cold nights as the Thari musicians start singing them on sorrowing rhythmic beats. In the night the granules of the sand lit up like stars as the moonlight walks on them.

Pakistan: Tharparker

Pakistan: Tharparker

The land of oldest Civilization : Indus Valley and Mohenjo-Daro

Moenjodaro is the province of Sindh, Pakistan and archeology trace back it exitence 5000 years ago. It provides an earliest instance of exemplary form of town planning and community organization and  found to be as one of the oldest cities known today. It is said to be the pilgrimage of ancient ruins. The splendor of Indus Valley civilization spread over a thousand mile from the high peak snowy mountains of Kashmir to the glittering sand dunes facing the Arabian Sea. One of the oldest known civilization that flourished in the Indus river Basin embraced within its fold almost the entire country now known as Pakistan.

One of the oldest Civilization Known today

One of the oldest Civilization Known today


This is just an effort to provide a glimpse of blazzing glory of the culture, heritage, beauty within my country. In the next part of Amazing Pakistan I will try to cover the traditions, the culture and the city life that defines a spirit of being a Pakistani. All the facts given above have been checked and can be verified


[1] Wikipedia



51 thoughts on “Amazing Pakistan: A picture hidden from the World (Part-1)

  1. Zohaib Khan says:

    Dear Ahmed,

    First of all, that was a wonderful effort. Secondly, yes i do believe there is much more to show than just showing violence. Where our media is doing good job there somehow they are also portraying a negative side. So, i wish you good luck and hope to see more good things coming up from your side. Since, its our collective responsibility to show a right and good things of our country and to motivate the peoples specially youth.

    I’m very much hopeful that soon is the time when we Pakistanis will be shining since, peoples like you are there to motivate and it could easily be seen a sense of worry and deep thinking among us for our country which is very important.


    • shafiq says:

      dear its very nice pic i like it as u know our country is so beautiful but v r not care it xo pls gvs da MSG to all our pak people that keep it clean and make it more beautiful shafiq

  2. Syed Qarib Kazmi says:

    Amazing.. And I truly respect the owner of the blog for putting up time to show the world the real side of Pakiland.. 🙂 hats off to you Zoha.. And if it wernt for the leaderhsip we were and still are a very capable nation… Lets vote for change.. and lets choose a better leadership the next time around…

  3. Karimi says:

    Wel Miss its realy amazing, ur effort is countable, but let me know, what we have done to save all this, whats our attitute towords the development of pakistan, tell me wwhat are the atention of youth of pakistan. We have all recourses in Pakistan, but we dont have atittute to save and to get benifits from this!

    Well agian ur effortis countbal.

    I realy liked it.

    Karimi from UAE

  4. @all above: Thank you all for the appreciation if the words above have somehow contributed that would be a utmost satisfaction for me, thank you once again for reading it.

    @karimi: Thank you as well for your input. First of all I’m not Mis :D, but no worries and coming to your question. I must say please ” Have faith on Allah, we have huge potential, Start looking forward and stop recalling what had happened in the past, it is the right time to plan and execute our vision for our next generation”…


  5. That was a really good post. We need more people like you endorse and publicize the true soft and beautiful picture of our Pakistan. And I also really liked your blog layout 🙂 .. keep it up

  6. Azun Chaudhry says:

    Really appreciated Ahmed. This is a great job done with excellence in expressions depicted. It touched my heart and gave me pleasant feeling of pride with my nation, country and people. We have faith in Allah and in fact Allah Almighty gifted Pakistan with all His blessings. More appropriately you are right that we need to struggle hard to change the vision of our next generation and it is the Right Time to start.

    A great initiative by you. Best of luck.

  7. Adil Sikander says:

    Outstanding Effort Ahmed! The need of the hour is to create good image of Pakistan and her Nation and this is one of the best ways to show the real image of the Great Pakistan to the world.
    I hope your next effort would be to show the true Image of Pakistanis like the examplary unity of Pakistanis on the desastrous Earthquake of 2005.

  8. Thank you again for the inputs, and I will be posting the next part by the start of next month, InsAllah,

    Take care all and remember your country in your prayers as these moments are the most crucial moments of it’s existence…


  9. Fahad says:

    salam ahmed,

    Dear Thanks a lot for this marvelous work. This is a master class blog.We really need these kind of stuff to show what pakistan is in reality.

    May ALLAH bless you with happiness.

    Please keep it up.


  10. fatima says:

    Man!! u have the spark,ur keen observation ,having a sensitive heart with sheer sense of respoonsibility to the nation n above all utilizing all possible provided means to play ur role as an individual to the land u belong to,simply is an example for those who keep asking “what pakistan has given them” forgetting whether they have done something or not,on the part ov their motherland whose blood is in their roots.Allah may bless u in all what u do

  11. Salman says:

    Dear Zoha!
    Great job. Keep it up and best of luck for your efforts…
    we are with you and i will post this on my community group and InshaAllah as much as i can i will fwd this post….
    Allah bless on our country our ppls and give more strength to unite and make one big Islamic nation….!!! Aameen

  12. waqas khan says:

    well few days back i saw indian youtube short film, in which that person compared different aspects of his country with ours(Pakistan).he showed some stats which really put me in thoughts that my country(Pakistan) stands nowhere.but this website of yours proved that we are number 1.Great job

  13. Afsar Ali says:

    Great Job Ahmed. Keep it up. We should feel good about us. There is really no need to think negative all the time. You are doing such a winderful thing for the nation. Priceless. GOD BESS Pakistan.


  14. A. Ali says:

    Congratulation to all of you on Pakistan Victory in T20 World Cup. One more thing to add. .We are World champion now.

  15. Rahul says:

    dear Zoha,
    Firstly i appreciate your effort to motivate people towards peace. I am an Indian and i respect Pakistani’s too.I respect Islam and ur culture. All the best but i think a few photographs are from the Indian side .
    Get the Facts right

    • Saddam Chudher says:

      dEar Rahul…..
      Would u furthur lyk to tell me that which r those photos……??
      Seriously I’ll appreciate ur effort….Plz giv us thoze photos descriptions……..thnx

  16. Abhiram says:

    Dear Zoha,
    Firstly, I’d have to give it up to you..Extremely commendable effort on your part to promote peace and show the wonderful side of Pakistan. I’m Indian and have always respected Pakistan and I don’t have to mention Islam separately because half my friends are muslim. There are so many things about Pakistan that I didn’t know. I always have wondered what it would be like to visit Pakistan and being a Hindu would there be a threat for me. But your blog has convinced me otherwise..I’d love to explore your country now. Keep up the good work. God bless..

  17. mariam says:

    the pictures are really nice you made me cry , i love my pakistan and good job , we can find very few ppl like u, keep it up. i truely want to see these places by my own. thanks wish u good luck,health and happiness.

  18. I am very much obliged to all the readers for all the appreciation and kind words, Allah may bless us all..

    @Sahar: If you are talking about the picture of Abbotabad Medical College, I have mentioned the photographers name, don’t remember the exact location, but I do have the original picture with me and can be e-mailed to you on your desired email you submitted while posting the comment..

    Regards to all,

  19. Rebekah V says:

    You made an impression on me regarding Pakistan. It has beauty I’ve never known or have been shown.
    My opinion as an American about the U.S. media: You are 100% correct. Except for Fox News, the U.S. media is bias in what they report, what they and show how they show it. That also is the definition of ‘Propaganda’ you have done Pakistan great justice with your site and I will direct others to it. I am an American and I love my country with the faults it has. Therefore, I can completely respect you for loving yours. In addition, it is beautiful – you’ve educated me on the beauty of Pakistan.
    I pray that leaders of my country hear and follow God’s will. Presently, it’s obvious they are not. I also pray for strength. I now pray for you and the leaders of Pakistan for guidance and strength as well. Terrorism destroys. We both have much to lose.

    Young man, stay strong. I hope you keep your clear view and keep showing others.
    I’m proud of you.
    May God send Peace, Harmony, Health, Wealth, Love and Joy into out lives.

  20. @Rabekah: First of all thank you very much for dropping by and taking the time to read it. Seriously, I believe that in USA people should be shown the other side of the picture, the picture that is exactly different from the one shown on the media today. I think the ill feeling developed for the US Government , and I specifically wrote US. Govt not the citizens is due to the policies and perhaps the behavior.
    I strongly believe on the lessons of humanity, Somehow I foresee that this world would soon collapse if ” HUMANS don’t respect HUMANS regardless of what color, race, religion they belong too, and if not they stop the race of dominance over each other “.. I pray to GOD that we all start becoming humans and save this world by raising our voices against hatred..

    Thanks again for your such warm comments. God bless you too

  21. Illusionist says:

    Dear girl,
    I just want to say Allah bless you,keep it up….We all love Pakistan.Pakistan Zindaabad..Proud to b Pakistani..

  22. Safwan says:

    You in Pakistan?
    Wanna go on a photograpghy tour of Pakistan from Gawadar to Gilgit by road……………Car convoy.
    sign up!!!!!

  23. sania says:

    its a great efford done by u …. i love ma country as much as u do ….. i m tryin as hard for the youth of pakistan to understand whats its like to own one’s country …. v all hv lost our touch wid it .. since m studin media … ma works reveil how much dis country needs us n we r still in deep slumber … thnks for makin dis website .. it was very motivational ..
    i wish u all the best for dis efford .

  24. Zohaib Hassan says:

    realy in our pakistan every thing is present in sha ALLAH we will be sucessful in every movement of life

  25. Saad Amanullah Khan says:

    Well done, excellent intiative and God bless you for your wonderful work to change the image of our beloved country

  26. Akbar Dad says:

    If you build an army of 100 lions and their leader is a DOG , all lions will die like a dog AND if you build an army of 100 dogs and their leader is a LION all dogs will fight like a LION. LEADERSHIP matters. PAKISTAN needs only competant leadership.

  27. A pakistan lover says:

    Indeed a great effort; But we havent stopped yet…. so keep updating your effort with new upcomming events and achievements please.

  28. lakshmi says:

    never got a chance before to see the beautiful side of pakistan. I am an indian too and have friends from different religion and region.I see only humans all around the world and not muslims,christians,hindus,jains… 🙂 good effort. i think a major role in creating an outlook of a nation is done by media and its sad that they often bring the news that can get good ratings and not those which can bring peace and harmony 😦

  29. muhammad Umair says:

    My dear!
    Very good effort to promot one’s nation.
    I m delightful after reading all these useful information about our home land.
    V should care it frome the core of heart.
    May allah safe it from enimies.

  30. mirza says:

    آپکا کالم بهت اچها لگا.
    As v r living abroad and v r mix with diffrent nations.
    In the media news image of our country is totally diffrent.
    But i really appreciate ur fantastic blog.

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